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By In News On October 15, 2014

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Founded in 1989, Starpoint Global Services is a Chapel Hill, NC, based company providing storage, imaging and destruction services to U.S. healthcare facilities.

Starpoint offers a full digitization solution for records. To ensure a complete conversion with the highest quality, we have a process in place for identification, transportation, preparation, digitization, quality control and confidential destruction of records and files. During the scanning process, we guarantee a 100% delivery satisfaction of requested files.

In addition to document imaging, Starpoint provides a unique service called X-ray On Demand. X-ray On Demand (XOD) is a unique solution offered by Starpoint Global Services that bridges the physical and digital radiology divide. Patient films are stored off-site and then requested via telephone, fax or via a Web portal called RSWeb, then pulled at the Starpoint Information Management Center. The films are digitized and formatted into a “DICOM” (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) image that can be read and archived by standard PACS, regardless of the vendor. This digitized image is then window leveled and combined with an indexing of patient demographic and exam information, encrypted for security and sent directly into a hospital’s PACS over a secure connection using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). They are then available for analysis and comparison with existing digital images from within the hospital’s PACS.