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Records Management

File Management

For absolute accuracy and detailed reporting, individual files can be bar-code labeled and available indices keyed into our secure RSSQL database. This service provides the most accurate and secure procedure for maintaining your off-site files and provides a guaranteed 100% find and delivery. When requested, individual files can be retrieved and delivered instead of entire boxes, thereby reducing the chances of files being misplaced or taken out of the boxes without knowledge (unauthorized access).

File Management also allows complete individual retention scheduling for all records and, always, a history of activity is maintained as to who requests information, when it was requested, and when it is returned to our facility.

Container Storage

For cost-effective and secure records management clients can request our container storage service. Containers are bar-code labeled, picked up and transported to a Starpoint Information Management Center by our professional courier service where descriptions are entered into our secure RSSQL database and boxes become immediately available for delivery. While at our facility containers take on a “sealed” effect with fully restricted entry by any Starpoint personnel. When requested by 11:00 AM boxes are delivered same day and at standard rates, well below our competitors. As with our File Management service, all access information is logged for future auditing.

Document Imaging

Imagine having the ability to have millions of pages of documents on your desktop, accessible at the click of a button without the risk of losing any information. Sometimes it seems impossible but it is a service easily provided by Starpoint. Your hard copy documents can be scanned with customized indexing according to your specifications and exported directly to the format of your current EMR or ECM system.

No more waiting, endless searching or incomplete information…

Our scanning process not only allows you to access your documents with ease but you can also export, annotate, print and email them without ever altering or damaging the integrity of the original stored document.

Additionally, in the event that your images or servers are damaged by fire, natural disaster or any other reason, we keep a backup copy of your information stored in a protected HVAC vault. Combine that with our one year of free box storage with any scanning project and you can see that you’ll never lose your information once it has been scanned with Starpoint.

Lastly, we ensure all documents are available to our clients at all times during the scanning process. Authorized individuals may call, fax, or submit to our website a request for information and we will send the associated file back to your business within 15 minutes at any time, day or night.

DI8_QualityOur Guarantee

In Starpoint’s Imaging Department, we pay great attention to detail. The
hard copy documents go through a thorough process of preparation,
scanning and quality control in our guarantee to make sure that every
document is present, in correct orientation and crystal clear.

Document Imaging Case Studies

MicroFilm Conversion Services

There are various reasons for filming records. One of the most important reasons is for preservation of the information. Microfilm is recognized as one of the most durable media for permanent records, with an estimated lifespan of 500+ years when stored in the proper environment. Filming also provides security of information vital to the operation of your office. If you film records and store the film off-site, then the data will always be available, even if the original paper is destroyed or lost. The need for space can also be a factor since a roll of 35mm microfilm can hold about 900 pages and a roll of 16mm about 3000 pages. Thin 16mm film can store about 6000 pages.

Your project will be handled by an experienced staff dedicated to creating outstanding microfilm. We use Kodak cameras, of every possible configuration, to provide you with an outstanding image on every shot. Generally, there will be around 1,000 pages on a reel of microfilm.

Your film will meet all applicable ANSI/AIIM standards.

Your project will normally be completed within 30 days of receipt; more quickly if necessary.

We will return your documents after filming if desired. Or, material will be destroyed after a 365 day holding period to ensure you are completely satisfied.

Our Image Lab Brown Tones all silver microfilm to delay or prevent the onset of destructive redox in your silver microfilm.

X-Ray On Demand

Don’t let your old films give you a headache!

With XOD you can rest easy knowing your film library is managed off-site with requested studies digitized and electronically transmitted to your PACS within 30 minutes at anytime!

X-ray on Demand (XOD) is a unique solution offered by Starpoint Global Services that bridges the physical and digital radiology divide.

Patient films are inventoried and stored off-site then requested via telephone, fax or via our web-portal, RSWeb, and pulled at a Starpoint Information Management Center. The films are digitized and formatted into a DICOM image that can be read and archived by any PACS, regardless of the vendor. This digitized image is then window leveled and combined with patient demographic and exam information, encrypted for security, and sent directly into your PACS over a secure connection using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). They are then available for analysis and comparison with existing digital images on any reading workstations.

X-ray On Demand Advantages

  • Per jacket fee structure ensures affordability for any sized practice, clinic or hospital
  • Consolidation of multiple storage sites and remote clinics into one seamless library
  • Reclamation of film library space for current or future expansion
  • Full and complete inventory report of all jackets
  • Erases the need to purchase an in-house digitizer
  • Guaranteed 30 minute digital delivery of any study with 24 hour coverage
  • Full modality support – including mammography conversion to PACS
  • Elimination of Radiologist misreads through an all digital reading environment
  • Monitored retention of all films with ‘Last Date of Film Service‘ and ‘Date of Birth
  • Reassignment of staff to non-film related duties
  • Assisted Release of Information in physical or digital format 

Contact us (email, phone), and we’ll send you a reference XOD quote within 24 hours!



XOD Case Studies

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Document Destruction

Starpoint Global Services can provide independent, objective management
of corporate campus or enterprise wide recycling and confidential materials control programs. Heightened security and resulting waste stream reductions provide increases in pride of responsible corporate citizenship, and often in ‘bottom line” reductions in waste control costs.


Secure Shredding and Recycling

Starpoint’s recycling and waste reduction control teams will focus exclusively on optimum performance, reducing hauling costs, and maximum monetary return on materials. From employee motivation, to planning and placement of receptacles, to daily movement and monitoring, and finally to audit and reporting, Starpoint can complete every step of the process. This is often accomplished through close cooperation with building maintenance, security and hauling service team members.

We will work with your business to best determine targeted materials and optimum distribution to recycling markets.

Confidential Control

Total “front-end to back-end” control of sensitive and proprietary materials can be a reality for your offices. By strategic placement of locked security receptacles, consistent servicing, and controlled transport and destruction, your valuable materials will remain secure.

Traditional methods of disposal are often ineffective and quite costly. Valuable employee time is spent shredding or “hit and miss” programs are employed with disappointing results. Starpoint personnel complete each step of this process and all materials are kept under lock from the moment of insertion to witnessed and certified pulverization.

Data Protection

Starpoint understands how valuable data is to business today.

That is why each of our full service facilities provides distinct media management services. You can rest assured knowing your critical systems back-up data is securely held off-site, and should you need, available to you at a moments notice, 24 hours a day.

To manage the flow of data tapes to and from your business or IT department, Starpoint utilizes a distinct barcode labeling, tracking and authorization system. This ensures the critical accuracy needed for both archival storage and scheduled rotation. From one tape to one hundred thousand, secure systems are in place to guarantee your business down time will be kept to a minimum.

Should your business require, Starpoint can provide an interface to in-house tape management systems. This can greatly improve tape management and accountability.

Vault Storage

Magnetic media is held exclusively in vault rooms within our secure facilities.

Clock241Each has the temperature, humidity and airflow controls necessary to provide the longest media life. All physical security features needed are in place and designed to minimize the risks and exposures of potentially losing critical data. Each system, whether fire prevention, alert or control, physical intrusion alarms, or video surveillance is tested regularly and monitored 24 hours daily.

Tapes are transported and delivered using containers your company specifies. Starpoint can also provide state-of-the-art Turtle transport cases for all sizes and types of computer media. Materials are handled only by security cleared Starpoint personnel.